About FinSTIC

Financial Systems Thinking Innovation Centre (FinSTIC)  is a community of actuaries and non-actuaries dedicated to bringing the benefits of a systems thinking lens to financial services.  

FinSTIC helps its community to

  • discuss, debate and collaborate on the application of systems thinking to members work
  • connect and work with other partner organisations to further understanding of this important field
  • discover more information and resources on the subject of systems thinking.

The goals of FinSTIC can be summarised as:


To identify partner organisations with whom  members of FinSTIC can collaborate and engage with to further our understanding and practice of systems thinking.

To identify, support and collaborate on, projects to address common shared defects within and of the financial sector.


To provide a community that enables participation, collaboration, discussion and debate between systems thinking practitioners, and with those interested in the field.

To enable members of the community to participate in the future evolution of FinSTIC, suggesting projects and collaborating on key activities.


To provide a place for interested members and non-members of the IFoA to find out more about systems thinking

To enable practitioners to find out and learn from practical applications of systems thinking within financial services.