Are you already a systems thinker? A financial systems thinker or a systems thinker from a different discipline? Do you want to be? Connect and collaborate with leading and aspiring systems thinkers


Joining the FinSTIC community means connecting with leading systems thinkers in finance and beyond with the aims of

  1. developing an understanding of core issues facing our financial systems
  2. discussing and proposing better solutions incorporating key groups of stakeholders, system interdependencies, and intertemporal consequences (i.e. feedback).

Within the FinSTIC community, you will have the opportunity to hear experts discuss relevant issues on podcasts, read and potentially write blogs on relevant topics, learn more about systems thinking whether you’re a beginner or an expert, and connect with other professionals to collaborate on shared interests. 

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We’re building up a set of resources around systems thinking in the financial world. Listen to our podcasts with leading systems thinkers, or browse through our list of introductory and further reading. We’re starting a blog, too – if you’d like to contribute, just let us know. And do contact us if you’ve got suggestions for other resources that we should link to.


We’d like to partner with like-minded organisations already working on financial systems, by sharing information, conducting joint research or holding joint events. We are keen to learn about organisations that share our objectives and develop links with them. Please do get in touch if you are already working in this area.