Welcome to the Financial Systems Thinking Innovation Centre

Systems thinking is a holistic multi-disciplinary approach to understanding systems, in particular by focusing on the linkages between components in a system. By understanding agent-agent and agent-principle dynamics and potential impacts on stocks and flows, systems thinking is able to provide insights into the resilience of systems and how they can be made more effective.  

Our financial systems are not delivering for society, the environment or the economy in the way they should. FinSTIC has been set up to understand the reasons for this and to propose potential solutions. 

Ready to find out more about systems thinking?

FinSTIC is a community of actuaries and non-actuaries dedicated to bringing the benefits of a systems thinking lens to financial services. 

We offer many ways to find out more about how systems thinking can benefit the work of actuaries. From  introductory materials to podcasts and dedicated social media groups, we offer a range of resources for those curious about how systems thinking can inform their work.